Presenting and being featured by the press

It has been now little over two week since we presented our main results at the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries office in Helsinki. Actually, we had quite a presentation tour because after the main presentation. First, in the beginning of the following week Juhana flew to Oulu to give a presentation to a full audience. Meanwhile, I was in Texas presenting some more academic analysis of last year’s data in the form of two research papers. After returning from there, I went to Tampere to talk about our results. The presentations from Oulu session can be downloaded here, and the slides used in Tampere are available here.

In general, this year’s study was quite a success. Although we had less resources than in the previous years and this was reflected in a slightly smaller number of of responding firms. Also, we had just four days time to between closing the survey and presenting the results. And this time frame included a weekend, so some weekend overtime was necessary. Nevertheless, the results that we obtained were interesting and timely. This was naturally rewarded by lots of coverage from the press.

Perhaps most importantly, we were featured in the national TV news, and YLE also broadcasted a summary of the results in the national radio news, and later also in the regional YLE Oulu. (YLE TV1)

Our study was also mentioned by MTV3 after the new downsizing announcement by Nokia, but it was not a feature like in the YLE news show.

The study was noted by almost all business and IT related newspapers and magazines that we are aware of. I have listed some examples below. (Kauppalehti) (IT-viikko) (Kaleva) (Uusi insinööri)

Finally, many of our partners that maintain active web presence naturally covered our study. (Teknologiateollisuus ry)
:// (Ohjelmistoyrittäjät ry) (Tekes)

After this positive press about the study, we the question is: what next? During these presentations we had several questions that we could not answer immediately, but that would require more analysis. These will be addressed in the research blog. Also, our sister project in Germany just closed their survey and we have now good opportunity to combine their data from our Finnish data as well as data from Austria and Norway collected through earlier partnerships. These are of course contingent on us getting funding for these analyses.

We have also several other ongoing initiatives. First, our results that the software SMEs have recruited about 650-850 people from Nokia and its subcontractors has sparked interest in the public sector and we have been requested a small follow-up analysis of the capital region. Second, we are planning a three year project that would expand the coverage of the software industry survey to from software to also other technology industries focusing on high-tech entrepreneurship in Finland. Currently our most important task is to secure funding for this project. Considering that the role of technology entrepreneurship as a source of employment just got greatly increased by the latest Nokia’s downsizing announcement, this project will probably be met with great interest.

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