Why should my firm respond to the survey?

We hope that you will participate for three reasons.

  1. The Software Industry Survey is an established study that is closely followed by several stakeholders of the software industry. By responding, you can influence how these stakeholders view the industry.
  2. You will receive a mass-tailored company specific report, which compares your company to the industry. The report was found to be very useful by the respondents.
  3. It will only take approximately 15-20 minutes of your time.

Why is there a code used to identify respondents?

We use a four digit code and a check letter to identify respondents for two resons.

  1. Tracking respondents allows us to limit reminder emails and phone calls to only firms that have not responded
  2. Identifying each respondent allows us to use data provided by third parties (e.g. available from the trade register) this reducing the length of the questionnaire

How do you choose who is invited to participate?

As the primary source for company lists, we use NACE industry classification codes. As industry classification codes contain only primary and secondary industries for the firms and not all firms operating in software business are classified as such, we use also some other sources to add firms that officially belong to adjacent industry classes. This long list is hand-edited to remove all firms that we are certain do not operate in the software industry.

Where do you get the contact information from?

The postal address for each company is the official postal address that is registered in the business register. Contact persons are identified from Orbis database and marketing databases. Additionally, some contact persons come from the privately held company lists that we use. The email addresses that we use come either from one of the forementioned databases or lists, or are retrieved from company websites by us.

Are my answers confidential?

All answers are treated as confidential.

Where, when, and how the results are published?

The initial results of the survey are published as a press release on this website. The final report for the survey will be also published on this website. All of these reports will be emailed to the respondents and will be available free of charge from this website.

Embedded software is an important part of software industry. Does the survey cover embedded software?

We think that embedded software is important too. Actually, in 2008 Finnish report had a special section on embedded software where we concluded that the volume of embedded software is roughly equal to the software industry. However, normally we do not cover embedded software in the survey or reports. There are three reasons for this:

  1. Since embedded software is developed in a broad range of industries and these companies are not registered in any central register. This makes identifying the companies difficult.
  2. The companies that develop devices with embedded software are typically large industrial companies. The best informant in these cases is typically not the CEO and this creates an additional challenge of finding the correct informant.
  3. The survey brand is heavily focused on indepent software vendors and might not be attractive for industrial companies that do embedded software.

While we do not systematically cover embedded software in the survey, there are a number of embedded software firms that respond to the survey each year. These are typically companies that produce embedded software and possibly devices, but identify themselves more as software firms than hardware firms.

Currently there is some interest on the embedded sotware segment among our research partners and sponsors and at some point in the future we might run a survey targeting these companies.