Update for 2017

..is on its way. This year the Finnish Software Industry Survey turns 20 years old.Throughout its history, purpose of the survey has been to provide an up-to-date picture of our software business in Finland. We’re currently working towards the update for 2017.

This year, we’re especially focusing on the labor issues. We’d like to enrich the ongoing discussion about the shortage of labor, by going deeper into the reasons for the shortage and by investigating what kind of compentences would be needed in the Finnish software firms.

In case you have received our invitation to participate, I encourage you to answer to the survey by using the response code with the forms on this page. By responding to the survey, you help us to collect valuable information about the current state of software business in Finland.

This survey is conducted by University of Jyväskylä in collaboration with Finnish Software Industry and Entrepreneur Association. Our contact person is Eetu Luoma, email eetu.luoma@jyu.fi.